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Share Secured Loans

Share Secured loans are guaranteed by your savings account. If your credit is not the greatest, you may qualify for this type of loan which is put against your Share (savings) account until the loan is paid. This low-cost, flexible term borrowing is a way to re-establish or re-build your credit. Affinity One will instantly approve your loan because the loan is secured by shares on your deposit at the credit union. Share Secured Loans can be up to 12 year terms and $100,000.

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Any Term 3.00%

Share Secured Loans

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  • * Rate shown is the lowest rate offered for this loan type.  This rate is offered to the most credit-worthy borrowers.  Actual loan rate may vary based upon creditworthiness of the borrower(s).  Credit union staff are available to explain applicable interest rates based upon your particular credit score

  • Rates are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without advance notice.  Refer to the credit union for rate updates.

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