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Board of Directors

Meet our 2019 Current Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are peers elected to represent the membership, by the membership. They are volunteers that meet on a monthly basis to oversee that the credit union is being operated in an effective and efficient manner. The Board of Directors have a responsibility to the membership.

Timothy Adam, President

Herbert Sample, Vice President

Ray Stearn, Secretary-Treasurer

Nathaniel Carlson

Thomas Maynard

Melinda J. Best

Charles Gesing - In Memoriam, Board Member for 12 yrs.

Clifford Hotchkiss - In Memoriam, Board Member for 25 yrs.

Francis Moynihan - In Memoriam, Board Member for 32 yrs.

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  • Rates are for comparison purposes only and are subject to change without advance notice.  Refer to the credit union for rate updates.

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